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      Understanding of Sustainability

      Sustainable management and corporate social responsibility are among Continental’s fundamental values. Both reinforce the culture of solidarity while simultaneously contributing to forward-looking and values-based corporate management. As a signatory of the Global Compact of the United Nations, we support its ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

      We contribute to sustainable mobility with our products, technologies, and services. The goal is to increase the safety, comfort, and energy efficiency of vehicles. We also want to make mobility affordable for everyone. We make significant contributions of benefit to society for a number of additional key industries – such as wind turbines for energy generation or conveyor belt systems to transport materials without harming the environment. For humans, our solutions mean protection, health, and quality of life.

      We are convinced that acting in a sustainability-oriented and responsible manner opens our company to change and strengthens its future viability. We therefore consider sustainable management to be a strategic corporate development task. It is vital that sustainability goals and measures create value. This is the only way to ensure their acceptance within the company and their credibility outside the company.

      It is therefore an element of our corporate strategy to combine financial and non-financial performance indicators and to take a holistic approach resulting in a contribution that impacts positively on our employees, the environment, and society.