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      Ownership @ Continental Iași

      Ownership. We take it very personally. It begins with the education from our parents in the first years of our childhood, followed by the life models we receive at school, and later on in our professional life.

      During the Ownership workshops organized in Continental Iasi, we want to reach a common definition and understanding of what ownership means for our teams.

      We discuss initiatives, alignment, better communication and active support, transparency over group goals, and how important is an ownership environment based on shared trust and psychological support. All these “ingredients” make a team perform at its peak potential, and this is the power of ownership.

      We all contribute to our environment: encouraging our colleagues to freely express their ideas and share their experiences, active listening to each other, criticizing less and building more on our ideas by using more “yes, AND”, and less “yes, BUT”.

      „Organizing the workshops requires a lot of preparation effort, and a high level of engagement during workshop discussions. I would like to thank the whole Ownership Champions team for their involvement, and making the campaign possible. Also us as moderators learn new aspects of ownership together with the participants, which makes every workshop different, and this whole experience very interesting for us. – Dragos Tasca, Ownership Coordinator for Iasi”


      The Ownership campaign is part of the Agile Transformation and its goal is to bring its contribution to this transformation. Below you may read about some of our colleagues' experiences during the Ownership workshops.

      How important is it for you to work in an ownership environment, where individual initiatives are appreciated, issues are openly discussed and where both successes and failures are appreciated?

      Working in an environment where everyone assumes both the effort and the responsibility for personal work means working in a professional environment, where the only source of stress can be the technical difficulty of the task you perform. In such an environment, success is appreciated, and possible "limping" (I mean 'failure' here) is not blamed but on the contrary, used to learn and evolve - a failure is not a tragedy, it means you have discovered a way in which a certain thing cannot be done 😉. At the same time, for me, working in an environment where ownership is understood and assumed means greater trust in colleagues and in the fact that I will receive a qualitative output when we have to collaborate. At the same time, initiatives should be encouraged, no matter how small. Sometimes just the fact that you benefit from a different angle can unblock a situation.

      „A failure isn't a tragedy. It means you've discovered a way that a certain thing cannot be done - Alexandru Coman

      What would you wish to change after this workshop?

      I would propose that such initiatives take place on a larger scale and especially in teams that have to integrate young colleagues. - Alexandru Coman

      What did you enjoy the most during the workshop?

      After this workshop, I understood better the concept of ownership, presenting with my colleagues real-life examples, based on their past experience. For me, as an intern, a different perspective was very useful. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, where we could all be creative.  - Deris Ionela

      How was the experience of a virtual workshop with the team? What did you like, what do you think was missing?

      Worskshops in a virtual format are a challenge for us but in the same time, they represent a good opportunity for our team, because they offer the chance to discuss and learn other topics than technical topics. I think the most important part on an online workshop its interactivity. From this point of view, the beginning was perfect, because it gave us time to introduce ourselves and say what we know about Ownership.

      „I think ownership comes along with maturity. This is why I believe that in a VUCA environment, ownership is one of those assets which enables us to go forward, to evolve in the direction that we desire - Razvan Dirlau

      What do you think is the input of this workshop in acquiring a common vocabulary and a better understanding of the ownership concept within your team?

      This workshop taught us how to see the ownership with the same eyes. We had the liberty to say what we believe about ownership and to see what the others knew about it. After this experience, what I wish for my team is to have more self-confidence and courage when it comes to expressing itself and in this way I am sure that the ownership level will also grow.

      What would you like to change after this workshop?

      I wish for my team to manage to cover more novel topics and to see ownership as an opportunity to grow, rather than as a pressure.


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