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      Techno wall and passion for music

      Bogdan Stoicescu introduces us to the world of Techno!

      Name: Bogdan Stoicescu

      Function: Team Leader / System Architect

      Departament: VNI HMI SWF

      Location: Iasi



      Free time is short and precious for each of us. Tell us how you are using it.

      Nowadays, our time perception has drastically changed. We often face the situation in which we aren’t able to check all the actions from our free time wish list. Nevertheless, I have various types of activities which I do: listening to/mixing music, reading, watching movies/tv series, hanging out with my friends, doing experiments in the kitchen.

      Describe, briefly, what your hobby is and how did you find it, how was the first encounter with Techno music?

      I consider that the closest hobby to my heart is music. Since I was a child, I had easy access to different music storage devices (tape recorder, vinyl, cassette tape) and experienced many music genres, had the chance to learn it in detail, strip all the sounds and instruments down and understand it better. I could say that I’ve begun this musical trip among its genres since the moment I know myself. Today, despite my colorful playlist, I’m more into electronic music. I don’t know if the main contributors to this were Depeche Mode, The Prodigy or Faithless, but I know that, at this moment, I find myself more addicted to techno music.

      What convinced you to spend your free time this way and what is motivating you to keep doing it?

      Speaking for myself, I could split this hobby in 3 different areas: listening to the music, mixing music/DJ set creation (vinyl only) and music creation software exploration (software like Logic, Ableton). Music listening relaxes me, amplifies the good mood or acts as a mood changer. The 2nd part, mixing and DJ set creation, I do it for practice, improve my DJ techniques and, in the same time, I find it relaxing as well. As for music creation, I consider that I’m a newbie, motivates me to explore the tools a lot and I’m quite sure that I’ll have my contribution to the electronic music world soon.

      How does the activity of practicing this type of music go along with your day to day work? Do you think that jobs put away people from their passions?

      Fortunately, there is no day without music. I introduce music in my life very easily and besides, I combine it with work as well. Usually, I don’t have to many individual tasks, but when I have, I always have music in background. It’s a hobby which goes together with work quite well. The most time consumer for me is music creation area. It’s a very elaborated task, which requires many hours and patience is a must. If there is a well-defined borderline between professional and personal life, if there’s a balance between those two, I can say that passions are out of any danger.

      Which is the major satisfaction or the most important achievement gained through your hobby?

      Together with some passionate friends, we set a techno movement, called Techno Wall. Since December 2015, we’ve been organizing techno parties, having as a goal a community creation designated to this specific music genre. Doing that, we’ve appeared on other’s radar who were doing the same in other cities, but at a higher level. We established partnerships, organized events at a larger scale, having international DJ guests. Beside conducting events in special places (Cinema Victoria, Teatru Fix, Roccanotherworld Electronic Stage, FM Radio), we had the pleasure and honor to be invited as DJs at large festivals across Romania and outside borders as well (Berlin, Barcelona). We proudly shared the decks with heavy names coming from electronic music world: Ben Klock, Len Faki, Ellen Allien, Anna and many others.

      What are your plans for the future regarding this hobby?

      I wish to continuously extend my vinyl collection (350+ electronic music only, the rest being super cool music from 80’ and 90’, inherited from my father). As soon as the pandemic will come to an end, we will continue with our techno party series under Techno Wall brand and seek for collaborations with similar groups. And last but not least, I wish for a visible progress on the music creation side.

      What message do you want to send to the readers? Maybe something to motivate them to try to practice this activity.

      First, I’d like to highlight again the importance of having a balance between professional and personal life, regardless of hobbies. This shall dictate the amount of time which can be dedicated to our passions. Music is part of most people’s life. One small step and it begins to change into a hobby. It can have a great impact and people who develop this hobby a bit more can become influencers by sharing the music they appreciate (as DJs), or by their music creation (as producers). Both extensions require time for music selection, mixing practice, sounds blending, creativity and patience - but the reward is awesome!

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