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      Hiren Desai joins Continental’s co-pace as Vice President of Strategy for North America

      • co-pace is the catalyst for new technologies and business models with external partners at Continental
      • Since 2017, co-pace has architected more than 100 proof-of-concept projects leading to more than 20 partnerships between startups and Continental
      • Co-creating with co-pace and Continental has resulted in transformative innovations in the technology industry

      AUBURN HILLS, Mich., February 16, 2022 - Hiren Desai has taken on a new role as Vice President of Strategy for North America within co-pace effective Jan. 1.

      Co-pace partners with startups and thought leaders to catalyze future products and services for Continental. Since 2017, this has led to more than 20 operational and strategic partnerships in autonomous mobility, intelligence on rubber, mobility services, user experience, and industry 4.0.

      “As a technology company, we are always looking ahead to future solutions inside and outside of the automotive industry,” Desai said. “Over the last five years, we’ve proven that through co-pace, we can help drive the landscape of innovative technologies.”

      Prior to joining co-pace, Desai was the strategy and innovation head for Autonomous Mobility and Safety at Continental, North America. He established strategic partnerships with early- and late-stage startups as well as established companies, leading to rapid commercialization. Further, he worked on structuring a joint venture, of which he was a lead advisor representing Continental. He was a project champion for investigations into skateboard chassis and intelligent infrastructure. In the space of last mile and last meter delivery, he forged partnerships with leading robot companies. Prior to Continental, he co-founded and successfully operated three joint ventures.

      “I’m convinced that Hiren’s background and experience will help further position co-pace as a strategic leader in the technology space,” said Jürgen Bilo, managing director of co-pace. “He has a fantastic track record of business development in autonomous mobility and services, having commercialized startup partnerships while leading strategy and innovation for the U.S. market at Continental. Hiren is our architect when we want to translate a concept into a product.”

      The global co-pace team is uniquely situated to leverage relationships and holistic industry understanding. This results in strategic and operational partnerships for Continental and the startup ecosystem.

      Since 2017, co-pace has catalyzed future products and services to create value both for Continental and the startups. The co-pace team seeks startups that link to Continental’s strategy, and interests. By leveraging startup ecosystems and forward-looking solutions with Continental’s global reputation and resources, the technology revolution is being co-created with co-pace.

      Co-pace is committed to innovative solutions both within, adjacent to, and outside the automotive industry. In just five years, co-pace has architected more than 100 proof-of-concept projects leading to more than 20 partnerships between startups and Continental. To learn more, visit

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