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      The #SafelyThere Message

      No matter your destination, Continental technologies help you get #SafelyThere. 

      At Continental, we have been pursuing the long-term strategy of Vision Zero for years, innovating solutions that contribute to greater road safety.  

      In an effort to raise awareness about the life-saving potential of automotive safety technologies, we launched #SafelyThere. With this social campaign, we hope to help consumers understand and trust these safety technologies that are proven to help save lives and help reduce injuries.  

      With U.S. traffic fatalities hovering around 40,000 for yet another year, now more than ever it is imperative that we play our part in helping to drive that number toward zero. The #SafelyThere campaign brings this topic to the forefront of discussion, within our industry and also among the general public.  

      YOU are a big part of this effort. We want to hear stories about your experiences with vehicle safety technology. How does it keep you safe every day? Did you have an experience when you were particularly thankful for your lane keeping assist or blind spot detection features? How does having a second set of eyes in your advanced safety technology make you feel? 

      Engage in the conversation and help us raise awareness of this important issue by sharing your thoughts and experiences with #SafelyThere on social media. 

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