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      3D Display Navigation
      Press Release
      January 12, 2021

      Continental, HERE and Leia Inc Jointly Create Natural 3D Automotive Navigation

      • 3D navigation shown on the automotive Lightfield display creates intuitive user experience and can contribute to driving safety.
      •  Lightfield technology enables a natural 3D effect that is visible without glasses or eye tracking sensor for driver and passengers alike.
      • Premium 3D content for 75 global city centers in HERE’s Premier 3D Cities.

      AUBURN HILLS, Mich., January 12, 2021. Continental, HERE and Leia Inc are partnering to bring 3-dimensional (3D) navigation into display solutions for vehicle cockpits. This innovation marks an important building block toward a safer and more intuitive in-vehicle user experience (UX) with a wow-factor. HERE’s 3D depiction of buildings and topography are displayed in Continental’s Natural 3D Display with Leia’s Lightfield technology. The joint solution allows for the visualization of 3D maps without the need for adaptive eyewear or an eye-tracking sensor. The Lightfield technology even makes the 3D effect visible from various angles, allowing both the driver and passengers to view.

      “3D display technology not only brings an impressive new factor into the cockpit but, with the right content, can also create a more intuitive interaction between driver and vehicle, contributing to enhanced driving safety,” said Jens Brandt, vice president of Human Machine Interface, Continental North America. “It is exciting to contribute to a better UX and safer driving environment by bringing together HERE premium map content and Leia’s Lightfield software with our expertise in automotive human-machine interface solutions.”

      3D Navigation designed to help support safer driving

      Various studies on traffic safety show that driver distraction is among the main reasons for traffic crashes worldwide. In the U.S., distracted driving caused more than 2,800 fatalities in 2018 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. It is critical to work toward intuitive UX solutions that provide drivers with the content and functions they are looking for, while minimizing distraction in the vehicle cockpit.

      “In complex driving scenarios, such as city traffic, following the directions from the navigation system while safely maneuvering can be a real challenge for many drivers,” added Brandt. “An accurate spatial reproduction of the real-world offered by the 3D solution from Continental, HERE and Leia Inc can help drivers grasp the necessary information quicker, better orientate themselves and stay more attentive to the driving task.”


      Highly accurate 3D content

      The content enabling this solution comes from HERE Premier 3D Cities, consisting of HERE premium map content and highly detailed 3D representations of 75 global city centers that are fully interactive and customizable. Each building is indexed and accurate in terms of physical location, volume, elevation and façade color. 3D terrain models also provide elevations for representative depictions of a city’s layout. Detailed 3D landmarks are included within the coverage of each city and are integrated into the 3D terrain, as well as the various styles of the surrounding buildings.

      Based on Continental’s Natural 3D Display, Leia’s Lightfield technology and HERE’s 3D map content, the companies have created a joint demonstrator and plan to work with vehicle manufacturers to bring this solution into the next generation of vehicles. 

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