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      July 30, 2020

      Continental partners with CoxReels

      • New combination of hose, reels, gives customer one-stop shopping

      • Two popular brand names offer customers instant recognition

      • Designed for premium built rubber and hybrid air and water hose use, storage

      FAIRLAWN, Ohio, July 30, 2020. Technology company, Continental, has partnered with Tempe, Arizona-based CoxReels to provide premium air and water hose to its customers with a first-class industrial hose management solution in one package.

      Collaborating with Continental, CoxReels developed a custom-built hose reel assembly, called the CoxReels P Series, specifically for Continental’s premium rubber and hybrid air and water hose.  “We believe this application is an industry first,” said Randy Kish, within Continental responsible for distributor marketing for industrial and hydraulic hoses.  “This will enable our customers to acquire high-quality hose in a premium package for repetitive applications such as residential garages, hose shops, manufacturing facilities, and automotive repair and maintenance operations among several others.”


      Continental is offering the hose and reel package with a hybrid air and water hose (TPE) as well as a professional-grade rubber air hose.  The CoxReels will accommodate both a 3/8-inch x 50-feet hybrid and rubber hose with (300) psi.  There is also a reel for a ¼-inch, 300 psi rubber hose. The hoses are produced at Continental’s Mount Pleasant, Iowa, industrial hose technology center and finished assemblies are produced at Cox Reels facility, in the USA.

      The CoxReels P Series reel is made with a ¼-inch steel base; solid one-piece construction with heavy grade steel and no welds. They have adjustable hose stops, a versatile guide arm, and heavy-duty spun discs. The CoxReels P Series is manufactured at the company’s Tempe, Ariz., facility.   The products can be acquired through Continental’s normal distribution chain.