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      October 01, 2019

      Vitesco Technologies: New brand identity highlights leadership in clean mobility drive technologies

      • Continental's Powertrain Division will be Vitesco Technologies
      • New brand showcases Vitesco Technologies’ goal to clean and sustainable mobility
      • Vitesco Technologies develops and delivers innovative drive technologies for all current and future customer requirements

      Auburn Hills, Mich., October 1, 2019 - Technology company Continental's former powertrain division will now operate under the name Vitesco Technologies, effective immediately. The company, which has been operating independently since January 2019, is now rolling out its new brand identity at its approximately 50 locations worldwide. The new logo will soon be visible at all Powertrain locations as the company transitions to the new brand. The external appearance is completed by a modern new website, as well as a social media presence on various platforms worldwide.

      "Our goal is clean and sustainable mobility. That's why we make the core of every vehicle - the engine - smart and electric! I am very pleased about our new dynamic market presence. This underlines our clear claim to leadership in clean drives, today and in the future," said Andreas Wolf, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Vitesco Technologies.

      With Vitesco Technologies' autonomy, Continental is reacting to the rapidly changing requirements for vehicle drives affected by radical change. In part the drastic reduction of emissions is at the top of the political and social agenda around the world. Depending on the region, this development progresses at different speeds.

      “Flexibility is the order of the day. From a global perspective, all types of engines are in demand. Our mission is to make them all clean, efficient and affordable. This can be done through consistent electrification. As an established company we can now respond more quickly and efficiently to the demands of our industry, and better leverage our strengths," Wolf said. “We want to play a leading part in the electrification of the engine."

      What’s in the New Name

      "Vitesco" is derived from the Latin word "vita" (life). It represents energy, speed and agility. The addition, "Technologies" reinforces the claim as a provider of innovative, pioneering technologies, systems, and services for sustainable mobility. With its flowing shapes, the "Vitesco" logo also stands for passion, dynamism and movement.


      The engine business is currently undergoing the greatest change of all time, but with an estimated 50 percent share of electric and hybrid vehicles by 2030, it offers great opportunities in the field of electromobility. In particular, the mild hybridization of combustion engines will be of enormous importance in the coming years.

      Vitesco Technologies has developed broad and comprehensive know-how in the drive sector over decades. This also applies particularly to the rapidly growing electromobility market. Vitesco Technologies is already one of the few system providers able to supply complete electrification from a single source. The portfolio includes innovative and efficient technologies for 48-volt electrification, electric engines, as well as performance electronics for hybrid engines and purely battery-powered vehicles. The competencies developed over decades continue to be part of the core business: electronics, sensors and actuators. They will continue to be indispensable in all future scenarios of the engine.

      Vitesco Technologies is a leading international developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art powertrain technologies for sustainable mobility. With smart system solutions and components for electric, hybrid and internal combustion drivetrains, Vitesco Technologies makes mobility clean, efficient and affordable. The product range includes electrified drivetrain systems, electronic control units, sensors and actuators, and exhaust-gas aftertreatment solutions. In 2018, Vitesco Technologies, a division of the Continental AG, recorded sales of EUR 7.7 billion and employs more than 40,000 employees at about 50 locations worldwide. Vitesco Technologies is headquartered in Regensburg, Germany.







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