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      Heavy highway traffic is a chaotic environment. High speeds combined with stop-and-go traffic is a dangerous combination where a split-second distraction can be detrimental.

      Alexandre experienced this while driving with his wife and family in New Hampshire. Driving down the highway, a car switching lanes suddenly appeared in front of Alexandre’s car. Before he was able to react, the car’s autobrake system engaged to prevent a collision at more than 50 MPH.

      Thankfully, we avoided a crash with my whole family in the car. It really just makes you glad that your car has the autobrake system.

      According to an IIHS study, systems with automatic braking reduce rear-end crashes by about 50 percent and cut rear-end crashes involving injuries by about 56 percent.

      This was actually the second time that Alexandre saw how safety technology can protect his family. His wife was in a separate situation where autonomous braking helped her avoid a bad outcome on the road.

      “Both situations really could have been bad without the safety features,” said Alexandre. “Sometimes, you look at those things and ask, ‘is it worth spending more per month?’ For me, and for my family, I’ll always make sure our vehicles have the safety features because we know how valuable they can be.”