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      Drowsy Driving Deterred 


      Daniel Mann is a Lead Assembly Setter in Fletcher, North Carolina. This is his #SafelyThere story.

      My fiancée was driving home after a long day at work and she was struggling to keep her eyes open. She only works 15 minutes from home, so she tried to tough it out.

      She nodded off and her lane departure warning system alerted her that she was entering the opposite lane as a vehicle approached. She started to react, but not fast enough – so the lane keeping assist system stepped in and made the correction for her. Shaken by the experience, she pulled over and took a few minutes to rest before starting back home.

      Since then, we both take drowsy driving much more seriously. According to NHTSA, there are nearly 100,000 drowsy driving crashes reported in the U.S. every year. We do not want to be part of that statistic and we know now to take the time to rest before getting on the road. Additionally, this experience opened our eyes to the benefits of advanced driver assistance systems – moving forward, these features that act as a second set of eyes are a must-have for our cars.