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      Parking Lot Chaos

      We all know what a busy day in a grocery store parking lot can look like. Cars backing out and pulling in. Pedestrians coming and going. Carts everywhere. That’s the scene Sandra Soliman, Sales Analyst with Continental’s Surface Solutions team, encountered one afternoon while shopping with her family. 

      Sandra completed her shopping and packed her kids and groceries into the car to head home. As Sandra was backing out of her parking space, trying to see around the two trucks parked on either side of her sedan, an alert in her vehicle went off prompting her to quickly hit the brakes. The sound was her Rear Cross-Traffic Alert calling attention to a rapidly approaching vehicle outside of her sight line. 

      Luckily, the alert and notification caught my attention and I was able to brake in time to avoid a potential accident.

      “I was especially shaken because my kids were in the car with me. The sensors really helped and saved us,” Sandra remembered. 

      According to NHTSA and the Department of Transportation (DOT), backover crashes average 210 fatalities and 15,000 injuries annually. 

      “I’m just thankful for the technology that saved my family and I that day,” Sandra said.