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      Ambassador Kit

      Sample Ambassador Posts

      The #SafelyThere ambassador kit will help you share the message with your friends and family that 40,000 lives lost on the roads in the U.S. each year is too many – and technologies exist today that can help reduce this number.

      Use these posts as a reference to start sharing your #SafelyThere story!

      Sample Social Media Posts

      The technology exists TODAY to help prevent crashes on the road - from blind spot detection to lane departure warning, it is important for drivers to understand how these technologies work. These technologies help me and my family arrive #SafelyThere.

      Saving 40K Teaser

      I am partnering with the #SafelyThere campaign because the technology exists TODAY that can help prevent 40,000 tragedies a year. Continental is working towards #VisionZero - zero fatalities, zero injuries, zero crashes.


      Automotive engineers work hard to test each automated safety function in a variety of conditions. If these functions were implemented on all vehicles, we'd likely see a decrease in lives lost every year. They are the second pair of eyes I need to ensure my family arrives #SafelyThere.


      For the first time since the Great Recession, the United States has experienced three straight years of at least 40,000 roadway deaths, according to @NSCsafety. Automated safety technologies are an important part of making sure my loved ones arrive #SafelyThere.

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