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      Automated driving functions for electric mobility

      Continental continues to drive forward research and development in the area of assisted and automated driving – with the aim of making the (electric) mobility of the future along with its new functions and services safer, more efficient and convenient. If, for example, more people increasingly engage in automated driving, this will improve the overall traffic flow and ensure lower energy consumption, while also enabling greater vehicle range. Sensors, vehicle computers, operating and infotainment systems, software and further relevant products are being developed for automated/autonomous driving at locations in Japan, China, Singapore, the USA and Germany.

      In this area, Continental works with well-known tech partners such as Nvidia, Horizon Robotics, Recogni, AEye and Cartica AI. Among other initiatives, Continental has for some years been testing components and systems for driverless and emission-free taxis with its Continental Urban Mobility Experience (CUbE) platform. And with the Automated Valet Parking joint venture, which is backed by the German Association of the Automotive Industry, Continental, together with other manufacturers, technology and infrastructure providers, presented fully automated parking at the IAA MOBILITY 2021 in Munich. In the future, appropriately equipped parking garages will be able to take over the entire parking process, including for electric vehicles. The electric cars can be dropped off, parked and even charged or driven through a car wash fully automatically by simply tapping an app. This requires close integration and interaction between smartphone, vehicle and parking garage infrastructure.

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