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      Radar Vision Parking Named CES® 2024 Innovation Award Honoree
      Convenient vehicle parking: Continental’s radar-camera technology measures close range around the vehicle
      More Efficiency and Smoother Operations for Electric Vehicles
      Modern vehicles offer a new experience of mobility. Continental provides them with the senses required to do so.
      World’s First Automotive Display Embedded in Transparent Swarovski Crystal
      World premiere at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas: Continental and Swarovski Mobility present innovative display for premium vehicles

      Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

      Also known as: Collision Mitigation, Collision Avoidance, Brake Assist

      According to IIHS, systems with automatic braking reduce rear-end crashes by about 40 percent on average.

      Vehicles equipped with automatic emergency braking will:

      - Alert drivers of a dangerous situation using audio, visual, or haptic alarms (forward collision warning) 

      - Automatically apply the vehicle brakes when an imminent collision is detected (crash imminent braking)

      - Automatically increase braking if driver does initiate braking but with insufficient amount to avoid a collision (dynamic brake support)

      Learn more about the Continental technology that powers this function.