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      Allround Protection


      Continental develops new functions for comprehensive Occupant Protection

      Under the motto “Allround Protection”, the two perspectives around the vehicle and into the vehicle will be networked more closely in the future in order to adapt the airbag deployment strategy more closely to the situation, the occupants and their position.

      New automotive mobility concepts require adaptation of integrated safety as increased space and comfort in the cabin bear challenges for the protection of occupants. Cars can predict crashes and react earlier. Our Airbag Control Valve (in pre-development) can control the filling level of the airbag more selectively and thus the airbags can be deployed adaptively.
      Our Contact Sensor System (CoSSy) is under development for very light damage and contacts. The system detects and classifies sound signals, such as an impact at low speed, so that the vehicle can be stopped immediately.


      The newly developed Airbag Control Valve (ACV) enables a controlled flow of gas when inflating airbags. This new Valve and Control Strategy is a much more efficient enabler for future restraints. Continental ACU products provide a perfect symbiosis of safety-relevant systems. In this way, the filling level of the airbag can be individually adapted to the needs of the occupant and the current crash situation. The airbag intervenes more gently with an optimized protective function (reduction in head acceleration proven in tests).


      The system detects and classifies different sound signals, e.g. low-speed impacts. Thus, CoSSy can help to make future use cases like automated parking even safer. The system includes two to twelve sensors installed at relevant locations within the vehicle.

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