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      Throughout the year, Continental develops innovative technologies that make the future of mobility happen. We maintain a keen focus on our six strategic action fields: Autonomous Mobility, Autonomous Mobility, Smart Mobility, User Experience, Safety, Architecture and Networking, and Software and Systems Excellence.

      Below are some of the intelligent solutions we displayed during our virtual presence at CES 2022. Continental received four CES 2022 Innovation Awards. Two technologies – Transparent Vehicle and V2X Technology using Collective Perception – were selected in the Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation Category. An additional two awards came out of the In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety Category from Continental ShyTech Displays and Switchable Privacy Display.

      We invite you to explore our award-winning technologies that make driving safer, connected, and convenient.

      Autonomous Mobility

      Autonomous Mobility will combine the business for advanced driver assistance systems and for automated driving.

      AD & ADAS Systems Solutions

      • ADAS Camera Solutions
      • ADAS LiDAR Solutions
      • ADAS Radar Solutions
      • ADAS Ultrasonic Solutions – For Parking Application

      Automated Driving

      Automated Valet Parking

      Smart Mobility

      The business of Smart Mobility will pool the business for mobility services, fleet operators and commercial vehicle manufacturers.

      Mobility as a Service

      User Experience

      User Experience will combine the business for display and operating technologies, as well as sound solutions.

      Cabin Sensing

      Curved 3D Display

      ShyTech Display

      Switchable Privacy Display

      Safety and Motion

      Safety and Motion will cover the business activities related to safety electronics, sensors, as well as brake and chassis systems.

      Allround Protection

      Evolutions of Brake Controls to Motions Systems and Green Braking

      Architecture and Networking
      Software and Systems Excellence

      In future every function in a car will be based on software. With the Software & Systems Excellence horizontal action field, we are strengthening our software competence and systems expertise across all of Automotive Technologies’ business areas. At the same time, we are setting Continental-wide standards, which will enable our business to grow sustainably.

      Continental Edge Platform

      Software Operations Systems

      Post-CES Press Kit

      Download our Post-CES 2022 press kit here for additional information, images and videos.