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      Autonomous Mobility – a Holistic Approach


      Sit Back. Relax. We’ll do the Driving

      The future of individual mobility is facing many challenges: Around 1.3 million people die every year in traffic crashes worldwide. Over 1.2 billion people spend more than 50 minutes a day in their vehicle – a majority of the time in traffic jams. Smart, electrically powered and shared traffic concepts will reduce the traffic density in cities. Even in rural areas, there will be advantages due to enhanced accessibility of transportation. Those areas will become better integrated into the transportation network and therefore will be more connected to the nearest big cities.

      In order to face those obstacles, future mobility has to adapt to the individual needs of humans, beginning with the seamless interaction of different mobility offerings and concepts. This seamless mobility will make a safe, easy and environment-friendly trip possible for each road user. The travel time will become stress-free and can be put to good use.

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      Enjoy the freedom!

      Distances on company campuses can be far and time consuming. Driverless vehicles connect parking lots to office buildings on campus over long distances and make commuting more convenient and efficient. Rushing to the next meeting on the other side of the company campus will be much easier and more convenient by using a driverless vehicle for the ride. It can be pre-ordered or booked on demand when it is needed.

      On campus, driverless vehicles are sharing the area with pedestrians and therefore need to be safe. The vehicles are able to detect approaching pedestrians and cyclists via different sensors and backend information from the telecommunication network. A smart connection with your work account schedule enables the backend of the on-campus shuttle fleet to send you a vehicle after your last meeting to your position and pick you up on time. You do not need to book your trip manually.


      Driverless Mobility with Robo Taxis.

      Continental has built a development platform, named CUbE (Continental Urban mobility Experience) to enable driverless mobility, especially in cities. With this platform solutions for driverless robo taxis are developed cross-divisional along the SensePlanAct chain of effects. Continental has therefore access to an almost complete product portfolio of its own sensors, actuators, control units and communication and networking technology.

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