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      Innovation Roadmap of Future Brake Systems:​​

      • Brake-by-wire: MK C2 is the gateway to Future Brake Systems
      • Further innovations like electronic brake pedal and dry brake actuators enabling new brake system architectures​
      • Fulfilling the demands of future vehicle architectures and EVs Brake Future Requirements​
      • Vehicle CO2 Reduction ​
      • Particles Emission Control​​

      Future Motion Systems:​​

      • The architecture for modular & portable Software​
      • Key element on the way to autonomous driving

      See presentation - pdf (1.11MB)

      MK C2

      The MK C2 is Continental’s second-generation brake-by-wire system and will enter series production in 2022.

      • Reduction of 5g of CO2 per KM according to WLTP testing, when compared to a conventional system
      • Innovative architecture supports use of true zero-drag calipers, further decreasing emissions
      • 100% efficient regenerative braking system
      • Multi-logic architecture supports parking-pawl removal for EV and Valet parking
      • Simplified design allows reduction in size, weight, and number of components compared to MK C1
      • Significantly faster buildup of autonomous braking pressure than conventional hydraulic systems
      • Reduced logistics and installation effort during car production

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      Motion Control is a key element in assisted and autonomous driving functions. It transforms the driving plan into lateral and longitudinal actuator commands.

      • Support of motion requests on trajectory level or on vehicle dynamics level for assisted/autonomous driving functions
      • Control the vehicle motion in lateral and longitudinal direction
      • Enhanced interaction with agility and stability functions for improved safety and performance
      • Decoupling of functions layer from actuators layer by providing a lean and coherent interface
      • Handling of driver interaction and shaping the driving experience
      • Allocation of control commands to different actuators - like brake, powertrain, steering - taking into consideration their performance capabilities and limitations
      • Flexible and modular with respect to different actuator interfaces
      • Scalable and multi-platform portable AUTOSAR software components
      • Easily applicable through model-based control


      CNXMotion provides you with Portable software solutions to prepare you for the ADAS and AD future. 

      • Safe – Brake-to-Steer provides an additional layer of safety at $0 additional hardware cost.
      • Connected – Cooperative Steering allows temporary engagement by the driver during autonomous driving.
      • Convenient – Advanced Motion Control emphasizing safety, arbitration, and fallback controllers.

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      • Downsized caliper for electrified vehicles regarding
        • hydraulic ratio
        • pad volume
        • caliper weight
      • High efficient radius by brake disc diameter increase
      • Optimized for applications with ePedal
      • Reduced CO2 emissions
      • Reduced weight
      • Increased milage


      • Electromechanical actuated Duo Servo Drum Brake
      • High C* leads to downsizing compared to e-caliper and e-Si
      • Integrated Parking Brake Function
      • Encapsulated Brake
      • Internal sensorics for brake torque measurement
      • Wheel control unit (WCU) with brake torque controller
      • e-DS scalability e.g. for front axle 11…15” diameter
      • Hydraulic backup solution possible


      • Only front axle for max variant Fmax= 60kN
      • High level of controllability (Full blending)
      • High endurance
      • Short time-to-lock (Scalable ~100 …150 ms)
      • Indication of influence potential to 4-EPB-Function to lowering weight & add-on´s e.g. theft protection benefits