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      Continental Innovations

      at CES 2021

      As one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies and global automotive supplier, Continental is developing intelligent solutions to make driving safer, more efficient and more connected. It all starts with zeroing in on our mission to help make a better world.

      Check out the technologies and trends Continental is showcasing at the all-digital CES 2021 below.

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      Continental technologies at the all-digital CES 2021

      Autonomous Mobility and Safety

      ​​​​​​​Autonomous Mobility 

      Continental's sensor heritage is the foundation for the realization of autonomous mobility. We offer excellent software expertise together with in-house suppliers like Elektrobit and Argus. Our full stack capabilities ensure our customers are perfectly prepared for the future.

      Click here - pdf (1.52MB) to download the Autonomous Mobility CES brochure.

      autonomous Automated Guided Vehicles (aAGV

      aAGVs can transport heavy loads of over a ton and thus increase the efficiency of production and the entire value chain. 

      Learn more about the aAGV and click here - pdf (454KB) to download the aAGV CES brochure.

      Ultrasonic Sensor for Parking

      Continental's Ultrasonic Sensor for Parking, is a sensor dedicated to be used in low speed maneuvering situations (Speed < 10 km/hour). The sensor sends an ultrasound echo (wave) and receives a signal (wave reflection by an object) after a certain period of time. 

      Learn more about the Ultrasonic Sensor for parking and click here - pdf (615KB) to download the Ultrasonic Senor CES brochure.

      Vehicle Networking and Information



      5G will be a key enabler technology for future mobility, offering major network improvements and benefits. Enhanced data rates, higher reliability and ultra-low response times will allow for real-time communication between vehicles, the infrastructure and an ever-growing number of connected devices. As a result, 5G will help to further increase driving safety, comfort and efficiency. Learn more about 5G connectivity.

      CoSmA with Ultra-wideband

      Continental's CoSmA with Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a smartphone based access solution for vehicles. It replaces the traditional key fob and provides enhanced functionalities, making vehicle access and start more convenient by using a smartphone. Learn more about CoSmA with UWB.

      Cloud-based eHorizon

      Continental's cloud-based eHorizon provides drivers and vehicles with fresh and predictive information, the perfect end-to-end solution to increase driver safety, comfort, efficiency and environmental sustainability. The eHorizon Platform aggregates and delivers both Continental as well as third party map content and connected services to enable new use cases and enhance ADAS, Powertrain and Chassis functions. Learn more about eHorizon.

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      Ac2ated Sound

      Speaker-less car audio systems with excellent acoustics where conventional loudspeakers are replaced with actuators that create sound by vibrating certain surfaces in the vehicle interior and are fully invisible in the cockpit design. Learn more about Ac2ated Sound.

      Natural 3D Display

      Continental has invented a new 3D display with innovative Lightfield technology from Silicon Valley Startup Leia. This solution offers a real 3D experience without the need for further components like head tracking and therefore saves space, effort and cost while significantly enhancing the user experience. Learn more about Continental's Natural 3D Display.

      Curved Plastic Lens

      Continental's Curved Plastic Lens shows the next evolutionary step for large size automotive user interface. The industrialization of the production of 3D formed plastic lenses with complex decoration prints is an economic alternative to traditional real glass solutions. Learn more about Continental's Curved Plastic Lens.

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      Body High Performance Computer

      Continental‘s Body High Performance Computer (HPC) is a central element of digitally connected vehicle architectures. It enables new mobility concepts and enhanced end consumer experience by providing a high performance computing platform, making it possible to update and upgrade the vehicle over its lifetime and provides state-of-the-art security features. Furthermore, it acts as a platform for third-party software and service integration, partly thanks to its comprehensive range of diagnosis possibilities.

      Learn more about Continental's Body High Performance Computer.

      Server-based Vehicle E/E Architecture and Cooperation Portal

      Global automotive mega trends require a fundamental change in the vehicle‘s E/E architecture. Continental provides all necessary hardware and software elements for the transition towards digitally connected vehicle architectures. The Body High Performance Computer (HPC) is the cornerstone of those new EEAs providing a flexible, scalable and high performant integration platform for functions and services. The integration capabilities of software from various sources is the key competency in the HPC ecosystem.

      Learn more about Continental's Cooperation Portal.

      Cockpit High Performance Computer

      The Cockpit HPC is our centerpiece of UX in the car. With the integration of all cockpit domains into one powerful HPC it facilitates maximum personalization for users while offering maximum flexibility for vehicle manufacturers. Managing the entire human-machine interaction centrally – visual, audible and tactile – it creates a symbiosis of cockpit functionalities that lifts both the ease and joy-of-use to an all new level. The real "Wow-effect" for your car interior.

      Learn more about Continental's Cockpit High Performance Computer.

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      Holistic Engineering and Technology

      Intelligent Intersection

      Continental's expertise in intelligent intersections continues to grow. It is currently developing new features and sensing to add new value to the system. These advancements will will improve the robustness of vulnerable road user safety applications, increase OEM interoperability and implement ultra-wide band technology to enable new safety applications.  Learn more about Continental's Intelligent Intersection.

      Corriere - Last Mile Delivery Robot

      Last Mile Delivery Robots will be the largest robotics segment. Continental contributes to the future of mobility with autonomous solutions in the field of mobile robotics. Continental's Corriere is designed to offer seamless point-to-point transportation of small goods with autonomous outdoor navigation, scalable deployment and integrated fleet management capabilities.

      Continental technologies at the all-digital CES 2021

      Continental Engineering Services

      Continental Engineering Services

      More than 1,800 engineers worldwide, Continental Engineering Services (CES) supports applications outside the realm of standard, high-volume passenger car vehicles. CES specializes in delivering software and hardware with cutting edge innovations to help ensure your vision for mobility becomes a reality. 

      Click here to learn more about Continental Engineering Services and click here - pdf (565KB) to download the CES brochure.



      co-pace engages with the global startup ecosystem to power up Continental's ambitions to lead the mobility wave - and beyond. For this, co-pace onboards new technologies and business models, independent of Continental's organizational structures. 

      Impact through partnering is everything. co-pace builds relationships with thought leaders, analyzes insights and brings them into product proposals and, together with startups, executes to bring the solutions to scale. 

      Over the past 3 years, co-pace has worked with more than 80 startups from all over the world. Of those, a quarter are in carious stages of business engagement. 

      Click here to learn more about co-pace and click here - pdf (610KB) to download the co-pace CES brochure, including specific success stories.