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      Safe. Connected. Convenient.

      We drive the Future of Mobility!

      At CES 2022, Continental is making the future of mobility happen. With a keen focus on our six strategic action fields and as one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies and global automotive supplier, Continental is developing intelligent solutions to make driving safer, connected and convenient.

      Continental is presenting its latest technologies and innovations under the umbrella of our six strategic action fields: Autonomous Mobility, Smart Mobility, User Experience, Safety, Architecture and Networking, and Software and Systems Excellence.

      From zero to 100, we've got you covered.

      Zero Fatalities

      More than one billion vehicles worldwide are responsible for not only increased traffic volumes, but also a rising number of crashes. To reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on the road, Continental is always working on new systems that improve vehicle safety in all vehicle classes. Continental's commitment to Vision Zero - zero fatalities zero injuries, zero crashes - will continue to drive our developments in safety technologies and to make safety available to everyone around the globe. 

      Learn more about Continental's safety mission.

      Zero Interruptions

      At Continental, we're shaping the future of mobility by making vehicles smarter than ever. As one of the world's top tech companies, we're combining our expertise in automated driving and connectivity to help reduce driver distraction and seamlessly connect vehicles with drivers other vehicles and the outside world.

      Learn more about Continental's vision for connected mobility.

      100% Sustainability.

      Sustainability is anchored in the foundation of our values. They form the basis of our work, they guide our company and they take us into the future. Continental is convinced that sustainable and responsible business increases our ability to innovate and meet the future - adding value to the company. It allows us to identify risks and opportunities early and opens up the change processes we need. This is why sustainability is firmly integrated in our corporate strategy and is a key driver of innovation.

      In a systematic process that included market analyses, customer discussions and a stakeholder survey, a new framework was defined in 2020. At the heart of this is Continental's sustainability ambition, which is regularly reviewed by corporate management. It defines our four focus areas - carbon neutrality, emission-free mobility and industries, circular economy, responsible value chain - and the goals that we have set for ourselves. 

      Learn more about Continental's ambitions for sustainable future.