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      Continental Innovations

      at CES 2022

      As one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies and global automotive supplier, Continental is developing intelligent solutions to make driving safer, more efficient and more connected. It all starts with zeroing in on our mission to help make a safer world.

      Check out the technologies and trends Continental is showcasing at CES 2022 below.

      Continental technologies at CES 2022

      Architecture and Networking / Software and Systems Excellence

      Server-based Architecture: When it comes to architectures of the future it’s clear: products, processes and business models are ripe for change. At Continental, we adapt to the changing market and stakeholder requirements. Experience how we understand and master the whole architecture and integration from every vehicle component - including software modules - to the cloud. By transforming the collaboration with our customers and partners, we shape the server-based architecture and its integration. Finally, hear about our project management of the highest complexity where we orchestrate cross-disciplinary knowledge, modules and platforms.


      Hardware Infrastructure for Server-based Architectures: Our flexible and scalable hardware solutions bring server-based architectures to life. We provide all essential elements in the vehicle to enable digitally connected vehicles: Scalable Connectivity solutions for ultrafast fast and low-latency connection of the vehicle network to the outside world as well as cross Domain HPC and ZCU platform solutions allowing OEMs to “pick and choose“ features and uses cases fitting to their individual EE architecture needs. 

      Elektrobit: Continuous data driven development for new features in your vehicle.

      Continental Automotive Edge Framework: Facilitating the development and maintenance ofnew architectures for software defined vehicles throughout the complete life cycle.


      User Experience / Smart Mobility

      CoSmA with Ultra-wideband: CoSmA allows the driver to access and start the vehicle by using a digital key on the smartphone. Offering a completely new user experience, this system meets the demands of the mobile society with a new level of comfort, security and new mobility functionalities.

      Curved 3D Display: Discover even more immersive 3D user experience with the latest lightfield display technology.

      ShyTech Display: A groundbreaking and award-winning technology enabling a new era of purist vehicle interior design.


      Switchable Privacy Display: See the world premiere of our latest display technology enabling entertainment without driver distraction.

      Cabin Sensing: Experience our advanced sensors that are seamlessly integrated through your interior design. More than meets the eye.

      ContiConnect Digital Tire Monitoring: Tire pressure and temperature, wirelessly relayed to the cloud for remote visibility. Plus, alerts and intelligent reporting to enhance fleet management.

      Infrastructure Orchestrated Maneuvering: System to autonomously drive multiple vehicles at once for production, logistics, or parking using infrastructure-based AI guidance.


      Autonomous Mobility / Safety and Motion

      ADAS Systems: ADAS products offer scalable and configurable solutions from functions running on single sensors to complex multi-sensor systems with centralized processing.

      LiDAR HRL131 B Sample: Live demonstration of the new ultra-long-range with wide Field of View LiDAR sensor enabling L3 - 4 autonomous vehicles.

      V2X using Collective Perception: Collective Perception is a new V2X standard, allowing vehicles or intelligent infrastructure to exchange information about objects detected by their ADAS sensors with other V2X-equipped vehicles. This protects vulnerable road users (VRU) and non-V2X-equipped vehicles saving thousands of lives per year. 


      CNXMotion Technology Overview: CNXMotion provides innovative software solutions to prepare you forall levels of automated driving. Functions like Brake-to-Steer, Cooperative Steering, and Motion Control not only provide comfort but increase your overall safety net while maintaining flexibility in vehicle architecture.

      Transparent Truck Bed / Transparent Vehicle: Building on award-winning transparent hood technology, Continental drives innovation in enhanced Human Vision technologies utilizing surround view cameras to enable safe low speed maneuvering with an augmented view of the area below and behind a truck bed.

      Trailer Turn Collision Warning: Using the standard surround view cameras and advanced computer vision algorithms to help detect potential trailer collisions based on the vehicle trajectory to enable the driver to correct the course.



      Visit our Renaissance marketplace outside the ballroom. 

      Wrong Way Driver Detect & Alert System: Experience an immersive driving simulator to see the potential for Continental's life-saving Wrong Way Driver Detect and Alert technology in action.

      Conti GreenConcept Tire: Sustainable, lightweight, efficient tire of the future uses a high share of renewable and recycled materials, extends EV range, and features a refreshable tread.

      Automated Driving Exhibit: Automated Driving technology from one source - a complete overview.

      Autonomous and Smart Mobility Partnerships: Explore how Continental and its partners are creating a strong eco-system for Autonomous and Intelligent Mobility.

      Autonomous Technology Development Truck: Discover Continental’s L4 development truck. See how the world leader in data-based perception tools is working with other Commercial Vehicle leaders to illuminate the path towards an autonomous future.