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      Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary

      Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged

      At Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary, we develop next-generation software solutions that sense and understand the vehicle environment, enabling safe and affordable assisted and automated driving.

      Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary Ltd. is a part of Continental Automotive Group, a German technology company. It serves as an umbrella organization of the Continental Artificial Intelligence Development Center (est. 2018) and the Application Development Center Budapest (est. 2022).

      Both centers work tirelessly to contribute to Continental’s Vision Zero, a goal to eliminate fatal road accidents. With our software solutions, we are saving lives.

      Our Development Centers

      Artificial Intelligence Development Center

      Continental pioneered AI-based solutions for assisted and automated driving in Hungary establishing the Artificial Intelligence Development Center in Budapest in 2018. Within the center, we deliver software solutions with expertise in AI to Product Lines Parking and Safety within Continental’s Autonomous Mobility Business Area. These software solutions encompass computer vision, sensor fusion, environment modeling, or embedded programming.

      Application Development Center

      Four years after opening the Artificial Intelligence Development Center in Budapest, Continental expanded its operations by establishing the Application Development Center in September 2022, also located in Budapest.

      The Application Development Center specializes in the customization and development of Continental radar systems, including long range radars, satellite radars, and surround radars. Additionally, the center focuses on Continental camera systems, such as satellite cameras and smart cameras. The center is dedicated to Market Europe.

      Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary headquarters in Budapest includes workspace for the test vehicles and has access to the car tracks of Continental Automotive Hungary Ltd.

      Continental Business Area Autonomous Mobility

      Autonomous driving is one of the major future fields of the automotive industry. Cruising and parking functions, driverless systems, improved human vision, and safety technologies offer potential for making mobility more sustainable, more comfortable and, most importantly, safer.

      With more than 25 years of system knowledge and in-depth integration expertise in the field of assisted and automated driving, Continental offers innovative products from components to complete full-stack system solutions at vehicle level, tailored to individual customer needs. For the autonomous mobility of tomorrow.

      Moreover, the autonomous mobility market is booming, and forecasts show that it will multiply in the next few years. Read more

      Explore Our Fields of Expertise

      Product based AI

      In the past decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based technologies have become an integral part of autonomous mobility. Recent advances are gradually implemented in future products, improving the quality and safety of the delivered functionalities. We are passionate about bringing the state-of-the-art AI to products, foster innovation and disseminate knowledge about the use of Deep Learning in cutting edge automated driving solutions.

      Data Infrastructure and Operation

      Deep Learning and Neural Networks require large amounts of data, stored, and processed. We are proud operators and developers of one of Europe’s largest HPC (High Performance Computing) data processing clusters, enabling our teams worldwide to use a reliable and scalable data storage, transfer, Neural Networks trainings and testing for a smooth and optimized daily operation.

      Algorithms and Architecture

      Automated Driving Systems are based on complex software architectures to ensure execution of our operation chain: Sense, Plan & Act. Component development is executed in agile software developer teams, delivering perception, sensor fusion, and maneuvering function components to products, based on architecture design, handed over to system integration teams along multiple products in the Continental’s Autonomous Mobility product portfolio.

      Application Development

      Our products are reaching end customers, adhering to the functional, safety and quality needs of today’s automotive industry standards. We enable the release and production development of customer projects for both Continental’s component and software products, contribute to vehicle interface integration and testing, hardware-in-the-loop benchmarking, and system engineering.

      Our locations

      Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary Ltd. headquarters are in Budapest, in the city center, near Kálvin Square. In late 2022, we expanded our operations to Debrecen and Szeged, and are currently in the process of establishing satellite offices in these two cities.

      Join us!

      Interested in a career that makes a difference? Check out our career opportunities: Job Portal

      Our unique organizational setup

      Our organization has an entrepreneurial and creative drive inspired by start-up businesses. At the same time, we are part of Continental, a long-standing global organization that ensures a clear structure and processes, supported by financial stability, which secures a clear path from idea to product. 

      Our teams comprise some of the best-in-class experts in this field. Peer-to-peer learning and on-the-job training are a regular practice in our work groups. Furthermore, the two centers provide opportunities for end-to-end responsibility, enabling our teams to cover more aspects of the product development value stream.

      Our Values

      Our core values are embedded in our work culture:
      Trust – Trust is the basis for everything we do and the prerequisite for our success. We keep our promises. To all our stakeholders, including: our customers, employees, investors, business partners, politicians, and society.
      Passion To Win – Our products and services always meet the highest quality standards. We overcome obstacles and boundaries. And we never let up in any of these endeavors.
      Freedom To Act – As Continental employees, we have the greatest possible freedom from the outset. At every level, we are encouraged to organize and to take responsibility for our work.
      For One Another – We believe the best teams work together to utilize each other’s strengths, diverse skills, and experiences as a source of inspiration and creativity every day.

      Our offer

      At Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary, you have the opportunity to work on challenging and exciting projects that contribute to the safe and sustainable mobility, to develop and grow professionally, and see your ideas turn into reality with our test vehicles.

      Within our Senior- and Junior- Ambassador programs, you can further develop your soft skills, and take a part at professional conferences and corporate events.

      We offer a competitive compensation and a wide range of benefits, including: a bonus system, private health insurance, annual flexible benefit system, employee discounts, regular team building events, team outings and gatherings.

      Joining us from abroad

      We have amenities to fully assist you in relocation to Hungary, and the team and the work culture to help you integrate into the new environment. Budapest is a prominent metropolis, based in the heart of Europe. Its size, infrastructure, reasonable living costs, historical background, and cultural and entertainment offers, make it one of the most attractive European cities to reside in. For more information, visit the official Budapest Tourist Organization:

      We operate as a big team that works and plays together. To keep our bond strong, we cherish our office time, while also offering hybrid work mode with a flexible work schedule.


      Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary Ltd.

      Köztelek utca 6, H-1092 Budapest
      Telephone: +36 1 353 6680 


      The upcoming professional events and job fairs where you may meet members of our team, and learn first-hand about our work:

      Schönherz Qpa – Professional Day – 3 October 2023, Budapest, Hungary

      Compass Tech Summit – 5-6 October 2023, Budapest, Hungary,

      Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) Job Fair – 10-11 October 2023, Budapest, Hungary

      SZTE Job Fair – 17 October 2023, Szeged, Hungary

      Debrecen Job Fair – 19 October 2023, Debrecen, Hungary

      The Self-Driving Vehicle Ecosystem: Vehicles, People and Environment – 19 October 2023, Szeged, Hungary


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