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      Continental Integrity Hotline

      Unethical and unlawful behavior harms Continental and its stakeholders. In order to fight against unethical and unlawful conduct, it is important for Continental to be aware of such behavior. Reporting integrity concerns is an important contribution to Continental’s awareness and to the exposure and prevention of misconduct. Continental does not tolerate retaliation against whistleblowers. Reports are processed in accordance with the Rules of Procedure - pdf (180KB).

      You can report (among others) the following matters:

      • Accounting manipulation
      • Competition law/Antitrust law
      • Unfair and unethical behavior, conflict of interest
      • Corruption/Bribery (e.g. kickbacks)
      • Data protection, IT Security/Cyber Crime
      • Discrimination, (sexual) harassment, psychological distress
      • Environmental rights
      • Export- and import control incl. sanctions 
      • Human rights (incl. child labor)
      • Labor rights
      • Market manipulation incl. insider trading
      • Unauthorized private use of company property/resources
      • Money laundering/Terrorist financing
      • Physical distress
      • Sabotage/Vandalism
      • Work safety
      • Tax evasion/-fraud
      • Technical Compliance (Product Compliance)
      • Theft, embezzlement, personal enrichment
      • Requests/suggestions in relation to potentially severe matters

      You can report anonymously

      We encourage you to identify yourself when you submit a report. However, we understand that you might have concerns doing so. Therefore, you have the option of reporting your concerns anonymously.

      Continental protects whistleblowers

      Continental does not tolerate retaliation against whistleblowers.

      We treat your report confidential

      You can rely on us to treat your report and investigation information confidential in accordance with applicable laws.

      We take your report serious, without exception

      Continental examines every report made.

      Your report is processed by a dedicated department

      Consider making a report – our dedicated department will assess it diligently.

      We need you

      Our responsible department will attempt to keep in contact with you throughout their assessment and investigation of your report. Your efforts to maintain contact with them will increase the chance of a complete investigation of the report.

      Important Notice:
      Our Integrity Hotline is not to be used to report discontent with Continental‘s products. In such cases, we ask you to contact customer service under USA: +1 800 847 3349 / other countries: +49 511 976 3524.

      Integrity Platform

      Make a written report

      Please click here to make a step-by-step report online.



      We encourage you 
      to make a report.


      Integrity Hotline

      Report via telephone (international)
      +49 1802 73 76 78 or +49 1802 REPORT
      EUR 0,06 per call originating from German landline network; the amount charged can vary from cellphone or other networks.

      Please click here for your local telephone number.



      In addition to our Integrity Hotline, we offer an ombudsperson service. This service gives you the opportunity to talk to a person who can answer general questions. Our ombudsperson service does not give legal advice. You can contact Dr. Rainer Buchert or Dr. Caroline Jacob. Both have multiple years of experience in providing ombudsperson services on behalf of private organizations. For further information, please click here: