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      150th anniversary

      Connected Continental – Communication with a Finger on the Pulse

      In 1921, staff in Vahrenwald ensured secure communication within the Continental buildings by using telegraph devices and pneumatic post tubes. Today, Continental is connecting cars with the aid of V2X technology (vehicle-to-everything technology) via a 4G and 5G network to ensure greater safety and efficiency on the roads. The real-time transmission of changes in traffic flows can prevent accidents, for instance. Furthermore, coordinated vehicle processes help to reduce fuel consumption and therefore conserve resources.

      On the occasion of the 150th anniversary, we will show you the essence of our mission for greater mobility: Embark on a journey through the eventful history of the company since its founding in 1871 with fascinating motifs and experience the development of Continental into an international technology company.

      Behind every individual image there is a special story, which you can discover here: From enthusiastic Continental staff members at work and surprising product launches at the end of the 19th century, to the spectacular world records and technologies for a sustainable and mobile future.