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      150th anniversary

      From Hanover into the World, for 150 Years

      Since Continental was founded in 1871, its corporate headquarters have been a prominent feature of the Hanover cityscape. The first administrative building was constructed on Vahrenwalder Strasse in 1913 to provide enough space for the company’s rapidly growing workforce. 

      The new corporate headquarters will also have a strong architectural impact and blend in well in the cosmopolitan trade fair city. The architectural concept emphasizes the connections between buildings, symbolizing the idea of communication and cooperation. In line with this open and connected office design, agile and flexible collaboration is promoted within teams and across departmental boundaries.

      On the occasion of the 150th anniversary, we will show you the essence of our mission for greater mobility: Embark on a journey through the eventful history of the company since its founding in 1871 with fascinating motifs and experience the development of Continental into an international technology company.

      Behind every individual image there is a special story, which you can discover here: From enthusiastic Continental staff members at work and surprising product launches at the end of the 19th century, to the spectacular world records and technologies for a sustainable and mobile future.