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      Total Rewards

      Shaping the future of safer, smarter and more sustainable mobility solutions is no small task. It comes with plenty of challenges. That´s why we strive to create an environment in which our employees can grow and thrive while striking a healthy balance between their jobs and other aspects of their lives. 

      Here are some of the benefits employees receive starting from day one:

      • Medical
      • Dental
      • Vision
      • Health Savings Account with employer contribution
      • Flexible Spending Account 
      • Life and Disability
      • Other voluntary benefit options
      • Competitive base salary
      • Retirement savings plan
      • Bonus based upon performance and paid annually
      Paid Time Off

      We offer 17 days of paid time off for salaried employees and volunteer time off for salaried employees at non-manufacturing locations, as well as, paid holidays.

      Flexible Work Options

      Flexible working conditions at Continental mean the ability to work remotely, to take advantage of part-time and flexi-time hours, or to take personal leave in the form of a sabbatical. This creates an environment for our employees where they can balance their jobs with other aspects of their lives as needed, taking an active role in shaping the world in which they work.

      Career Development & Progression

      At Continental, your development plan will be tailored and customized to your personal career path. Throughout each calendar year, team members participate in a continuous cycle of dialogues focused on development plans, goal setting, personal contributions, and other learning opportunities.

      There are numerous opportunities you can grasp to continuously get better at your job and move forward in your function. We like to describe all this by Leading – starting from Leading Self, where you contribute to and influence your team collaboration up to Leading Business, where you are responsible for the broad organizational performance and set holistic, strategic directions.

      In addition to Leading Self and the formal Leadership career, we have two other central development options: you can also pursue a career as an Expert or a Project Manager. As an Expert, you specialize in certain technologies or processes. As a Project Manager, you plan and roll out projects on multiple levels.

      Tuition & Employee Discounts

      We reimburse for college and offer various employee discounts including tire and automobile discounts.

      What our employees say

      “Soon after joining, I took my first trip to Europe to participate in an eight-week training program.”

      “The freedom to work from home allows me to spend more time with my family and less time on the road.”