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      ContiConnect™: The Digital Tire Management of the Future
      Coordination of vehicle and tire services generates cost efficiency, lowers CO2 emissions and strengthens sustainability.
      CEO Nikolai Setzer:
      "Ever-faster processing power and integrated vehicle software: They form the central nervous system of the mobility of the future"

      Technology Dossier

      How Software Develops Modern Cars into High-performance Computers

      Revolution on wheels: While car engines had to be cranked before, the push of a button suffices today. And people who perhaps still use maps on the passenger seat are certainly no longer up-to-date, and are endangering themselves and others due to distraction. Digital technology has long become commonplace in many areas of life and work – and, of course, also in mobility. On the roads and behind the wheel, highly intelligent computers with specialized software are increasingly taking over tasks that make driving easier, increase comfort and improve safety. In our technology dossier you will find answers to the question, how software develops modern cars into high-performance computers.

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      CES Innovation Award 2023 for Driver Identification Display

      With the Driver Identification Display, Continental has presented another innovation at CES 2023. The display solution adds a new feature to driver monitoring by enabling contactless, secure driver authentication by face authentication.

      This is ensured by trinamiX's sensor seamlessly integrated into the display as well as its associated software, which provides highest protection against fraud attempts by third parties. trinamiX Face Authentication enables a fast and reliable driver authentication and thus allows for applications such as in-car payment without the need for any additional devices. The Driver Identification Display won the CES Innovation Award in the category “Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility”.

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      Body High Performance Computer

      More Intelligence with Server-based E/E Architectures

      Digitalization opens the door in a world of new functions and services for future mobility. But this is also exponentially increasing the amount of information and data that has to be processed. Current E/E architecture already is coming to its limits. Automotive mega trends such as automated driving, software defined cars or connected mobility require more and more intelligence and computing power. A cornerstone to overcome these challenges is the Continental Body High Performance Computer as the central element of future vehicle E/E architecture. As a central node it allows the necessary data management capabilities for cloud and IoT services.

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      Press Releases Concerning Connectivity

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