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      New Crops Need New Belts
      Components for agriculture are constantly evolving and not always are humans the source for impetus. Plants have needs, too.
      Seeding Agriculture 4.0
      Small but very versatile: sensors could already provide more safety, comfort and efficiency in agriculture.

      Continental Has Been Advancing Innovation in Agriculture for 150 Years

      “Continental has and will continue to play a pioneering role in the modernization of agriculture, also as an experienced and reliable partner in the transformation toward Farm 2030. It all began with motorization and today extends to digitalization and automation, which is associated with a substantial increase in productivity and crop yields. Today, mechanization and motorization are being followed by digitalization in agriculture. Everyone is talking about smart farming – and it’s no coincidence that we call intelligent agriculture the nutrient for the field of the future.”

      Since its foundation in 1871, Continental has helped shape the development of agriculture with numerous innovations in rubber, plastic, sensor technology and electronics – from hoof buffers for horses through to autonomous field robots. Continental has been contributing to innovative agricultural technology for 150 years, making processes more productive, sustainable, hygienic and safer.

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