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      Seamless Mobility - Automated Driving

      Automated Driving

      From lane departure warning systems to emergency brake assist, today's advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) provide the building blocks for the automated driving of the future. Continental is using its full innovative prowess to drive this trend and develop intelligent technologies that can take over more complex driving functions when the driver wants them to. The advantage? Increased safety, more convenience and greater efficiency. 

      Level 3 Automation from Continental

      Continental’s Cruising Chauffeur  allows the vehicle to take over from the driver on highways, adjusting its speed to traffic conditions and regulations. The driver does not have to take over again until exiting the highway, which the vehicle clearly communicates ahead of time. 

      Building Blocks of Automated Driving

      Driving toward the goal of Vision Zero – zero fatalities, injuries and crashes – Continental is continuously developing high-tech solutions and concepts focused on all levels of automation. From sensors, control units and motion control solutions, to human-machine interface technology, operating systems and software, Continental masters the building blocks of automated driving - leading the way to fully automated vehicles. 

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