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      Infotainment in the Car

      Intelligent information management

      From “sat navs” to advanced driver assistance systems, modern technologies already enable all the important information in the vehicle to be recorded, provided to the driver, and linked to Internet services. For the driver, this means increased convenience, efficiency, and control over the vehicle environment. Continental is driving this forward – with increased connectivity of individual components.​​​​​​​

      What is infotainment?

      Modern infotainment management means more than the simple display of relevant vehicle information. A holistic human-machine dialogue ensures a simple exchange of information between human, vehicle, and outside environment. In an increasingly complex world, information management in the car is therefore also simplified and creates possibilities for new vehicle functions such as automated driving and the seamless integration of mobile devices.

      Information management in the car industry

      At Continental, we are doing everything to make information systems and operating concepts even more user-friendly. Here you will find all the latest press releases and articles on "information/infotainment."

      Connectivity – Always in touch​​​​​​​