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      The intelligent intersection

      Smart Cities

      As urban areas continue to increase in population density, the automotive industry will need to adapt to this changing landscape. From Continental’s cruising chauffeur automated highway technology, to autonomous shuttles in the city, and intelligent infrastructure to assist any connected vehicle – many new technologies will work together to create a seamless mobility system. 

      Driverless vehicles will represent an important element in the Smart Cities of the future. Autonomous shuttles like the CUbE, Continental’s autonomous electrified development platform, are generally considered as a solution for urban “first or last mile” mobility. This type of vehicle, often referred to as a robo-taxi, could also be extended to goods delivery to further utilize the available transport capacity and reduce idle time.  

      To further relieve the stress and congestion of urban environments, intelligent infrastructure can assist connected vehicles with difficult tasks such as navigating an intersection or finding a parking space. Continental’s Intelligent Intersection alerts drivers to hidden dangers at intersections, such as an occluded pedestrian or vehicle. Additionally, Continental’s Intelligent Intersection enables the collection of information and statistics from intersections which can then be used for traffic flow, safety and environmental improvements.  

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