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      Features that used to be associated primarily with premium vehicle segments, like keyless entry and ignition systems or digital infotainment interfaces, are now the minimum level of comfort and convenience expected in vehicles today. For years, Continental has focused on enhancing the driving experience, imagining and then re-engineering technology that makes driving increasingly personalized and connected.  

      Human-Machine Interface

      As interiors become more connected, a holistic human-machine dialogue ensures a simple exchange of information between human, vehicle and the outside environment. This creates possibilities for new vehicle functions, such as automated driving, creating a seamless experience that removes the borders between mobile and immobile living spaces.  

      Software Solutions for Intelligent Vehicles

      New possibilities are also emerging from the development of intelligent transportation systems. Continental’s key as a service technology powers Avis vehicles, allowing users to access rental vehicles with a secure mobile app. Other cloud-based software solutions from Continental can push over-the-air updates, report traffic and weather conditions and assist with parking functions. These functions demonstrate that connectivity is simplifying each drive, allowing drivers to personalize their vehicle experience – in personal, shared or commercial vehicles. 

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