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      CES 2020 Heartbeat

      Mobility is the Heartbeat of Life

      Continental at CES 2020

      At CES 2020, Continental presented its vision of future mobility. Visitors had the opportunity to experience the innovative mobility services, solutions, and exciting product developments that will help to make people's lives more comfortable, safe and energy efficient.

      Assisted and Automated Enablers

      ADAS Systems:  Advanced Driver Assistance Systems products offer scalable and configurable solutions from functions running on single sensors to complex multi-sensor systems with centralized processing.

      HFL: Our solid-state, automotive-grade 3D Flash LIDAR™  performance demonstrates robustness against vibrations and capability of imaging through obscurants.

      360° 3D Sensing:  Continental's exclusive radar-camera fusion technology provides 3D point cloud information from the surrounding of the vehicle to enable safer and more reliable autonomous functions.

      Contact Sensor System:  Innovative impact sensing system recognizes and classifies vehicle contact  (e.g. scratches, pedestrians, or other obstacles) and notifies autonomous compute module or remotely broadcasts notification of event.

      Project House Automated Driving:  Holistic automated driving concepts for passenger cars, shuttles, commercial vehicles and other specialty vehicles.


      Connectivity, Data and Computing

      5G Next Generation Connectivity: Leveraging our strong expertise in telematics, antenna development and systems integration, Continental delivers tailored 5G solutions to pave the way towards a seamlessly connected future mobility.

      Personalized & Connected UX with Elektrobit: Connecting the car to the user through multimodal interfaces (e.g. touch, handwriting and voice), created with EB GUIDE, an end-to-end HMI development toolchain. EB software also connects the car to the cloud for consumer content updates, critical safety and security enhancements, OEM vehicle diagnostic data gathering, and more.

      Zonar Commercial Over-The-Air Programming: Allows commercial vehicle component software updates to be authorized and executed wirelessly via smartphone – without an in-vehicle HMI device – at the driver’s convenience, saving hours of downtime, service programming fees and maintenance costs.

      Continental Cooperation Portal: To enable qualified OEM and 3rd party software transfers into vehicle high performance computers, we've developed a secure web application that pre-validates & pre-integrates software.

      Connected ECU Protection: Argus solutions provide various methods to effectively protect infotainment units against cyber-attacks.

      Data Monetization: Blockchain-based platform enabling direct data sharing and monetization across companies and industries in a distributed network, without the need of a central middle man. Data can be monetized via the distributed marketplace to establish new revenue streams from data and enable high quality services.

      Future Vision Marketplace

      Visit our Renaissance marketplace outside the ballroom, showcasing our future vision for 2030, new mobility solutions and smart infrastructure.  

      Future Perspective: A picture of future urban ecosystems in 2030.

      Fleet Operations Stations: Maintenance concept for service fleets.

      EasyMile CUbE: HMI in driverless vehicles plays an important role in ensuring safety, accessibility and comfort onboard. Our holistic HMI solution combines audio and visual interfaces to allow seamless human-machine cooperation within and outside the vehicle.”

      Intelligent Infrastructure: Support early adoption and enhanced safety benefits of V2X by improving penetration through infrastructure intelligence, expanding to support automated vehicles through V2X interoperability.

      Wrong Way Driver System: Always on, always present, trusted roadside infrastructure capable of detecting wrong way drivers and alerting both wrong way drivers as well as at risk drivers.

      Versatile Embedded Neural Network Platform: Compact CNN Embedded Compute Platform featuring all-out open-standard Programming Languages and Developer Frontend.

      User Experience

      Ac2ated Sound: ​​​​​​​Experience the future of in-vehicle audio. At CES 2020, Continental will reveal new developments to Ac2ated sound, our speaker-less premium audio technology.

      3D Lightfield Centerstack: Expanded 3D lightfield technology includes haptic interaction with high resolution 3D content visible for all vehicle passengers.

      Transparent Hood:  Surround view cameras combined with augmented reality provide visibility of the driving path obstructed by the hood - crucial for steep inclines, tight maneuvering in urban environments, and off-road excursions. 

      Smart Garage Parking:  Automatic Parking solution that enables smart garage parking with dynamic route planning, robust obstacle detection and flexible parking configurations.