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      Smart Farming - Promoting high-efficiency agriculture

      Price pressure and ever more stringent requirements regarding environmental protection and the quality of foodstuffs are the most important sociopolitical challenges for the global agricultural industry.

      Smart farming – or digitalized agriculture – is an important response to the question of how to efficiently and sustainably ensure a sufficient food supply for the world’s growing population. In turn, we have answers to the questions that the agricultural industry is posing regarding smart farming. Thanks to our intelligent products and systems that increase not only the transparency of processes but also, and above all, the efficiency of machinery and sustainable management of soil, we are actively helping to shape smart farming.

      Intelligent future technologies

      For example, Continental is developing platform concepts for robots that can be used in fields, among other places, for instance as part of a larger fleet. This robotic equipment carrier, which can be fitted modularly for agricultural purposes, operates autonomously and can be used with the appropriate attachments to perform numerous tasks, such as monitoring the growth process of plants, precise weeding, or systematically sowing seeds and delivering nutrients. Camera-based, multispectral, or thermographic sensors are particularly important for monitoring plant growth or soil conditions. In this context, Continental has the camera, radar and LIDAR know-how necessary for the safe operation of autonomous vehicles in the field.

      Farming with Heart & Soil

      Being a farmer is more than a job. It is a lifelong mission - to do everything possible for the best harvest achievable. The basic for success is the soil, and - just as important - a total dedication to it. You have to work with heart and soul. Or: with Heart and Soil.

      We create a link between the passion, the farmer's hands-on mentality and his field of competence. No one is in touch with his soil as much as he is - he does not only know what is neccessary and appropriate, he feels it.

      Our agricultural tires embody the competence and full dedication of a working man's life. With Heart and Soil applies both sides, the farmer and Continental. Continental is the teammate who knows the farmer's demands and requirements and meets his needs - on common ground.

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