Hybrid Electric Vehicles
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Electric Mobility

Continental firmly believes that electric mobility is a core component of the future automotive landscape. Innovative solutions for both gasoline and diesel engines, as well as electrified drive systems, are contributing to increasingly efficient vehicles.  

Electrification for the Environment

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation accounts for one quarter of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. The electrification of cars and two-wheelers will contribute to lower CO2 emissions and exhaust gases. Connectivity of vehicle systems, together with lightweight design, helps to reduce energy consumption - whether on country roads, the freeway, or in the megacities of the future. 

Hybrid Systems

An important step toward the adoption of electric vehicles is the increased implementation of hybrid systems. Continental’s industry-first, liquid-cooled 48-volt Eco Drive system helps deliver torque to the wheels more than twice as fast as a conventional 12-volt system can accommodate. This system is ideal for a driver who wants the benefits of electrification, without compromising power. 

With its comprehensive technology toolkit, Continental offers vehicle manufacturers the components and systems they need to gradually bring tailor-made electrification to the roads: from start/stop technologies, 48-volt and hybrid components, to systems for purely electric vehicles

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