未来への架け橋: ドイツ本社新社屋 起工式を挙行

      • Continental starts construction on its new headquarters in Hanover on July 31, 2018
      • New group headquarters to be completed by the end of 2020
      • Technology company focuses on open spaces for creativity and knowledge-sharing
      • CEO Dr. Elmar Degenhart: “Investment is a commitment to the Hanover location”

      Hanover, July 31, 2018. The technology company Continental is beginning the construction of its new headquarters in Hanover. The first development phase for the building complex is to be completed by the end of 2020 and to provide space for 1,250 employees. According to the plans, later expansion to 1,600 workplaces is an option. Relocation of the employees should be completed in 2021, in time for the company’s 150th anniversary.

      “Continental has been enjoying rapid, profitable growth for many years. This is reflected in our growing workforce around the world. In recent years, the corporate headquarters has become too small for the nearly 900 employees. Now we are creating the necessary space in a modern headquarters that will be a credit to our birthplace, Hanover,” commented Continental’s CEO Dr. Elmar Degenhart on the occasion of the ground-breaking ceremony. He added: “We are building a creative Continental campus. It will connect people and promote personal dialog between them. They will find areas where they can retreat to concentrate in peace and quiet. At the same time, we are setting up open areas that encourage creative sharing of ideas and knowledge.”

      The new Continental campus will consist of a total of eight buildings, which will be connected to each other by four bridges. The longest of these, with a span of 71 meters, will extend over Hans-Böckler-Allee. In combination with the buildings, it will form the landmark at the eastern entrance to the state capital city of Hanover near the Pferdeturm.

      “The new headquarters of our long-standing company is a clearly visible commitment to its roots in Hanover. We are pleased with the generous support for our project we have received from Lower Saxony’s capital city and our reinvigorated partnership that will extend far into the future,” declared Degenhart.

      “In the course of the company’s history that stretches back over almost 150 years, Continental has shaped the city of Hanover. Now, with the new headquarters, a new foundation is being laid that strengthens this common bond. The new structural accent is a perfect match for our cosmopolitan city with its architecture and endorses Hanover as a business location,” said Mayor Schostok.

      Intelligent, flexible, agile: a campus that connects

      Continental’s CEO pointed out that the plans of Berlin-based architectural office Henn visibly and palpably realize the values and goals of the company. “Modern architecture and intelligent digital technology enable collaboration that is agile, flexible, connected and secure over organizational interfaces. In combination with our robust culture of innovation and networking, we can implement pioneering workplace concepts together with our employees. A day-care center on the campus is just one of numerous elements to enable a healthy work-life balance.”

      At the same time, the transportation infrastructure of the new headquarters will take the future of mobility into account. Expressways and highways will provide direct connections to long-distance transportation. An urban rail station right in front of the building will offer links to local and long-distance public transportation.

      The parking areas will have charging stations for electric vehicles. “With our new headquarters, we want to demonstrate in a tangible way that we are building bridges to the people inside as well as outside and to the future of mobility. And, as a leading technology company, we have a pioneering and significant role in shaping that mobility,” said Degenhart.

      "We are delighted that our concept is being taken up enthusiastically by all those involved. We are even more pleased to be able to make our plans a reality. Working with and for Continental, we want to create enduring values and a modern working environment for employees,” declared Professor Gunter Henn, managing director of the Henn architectural office.​​​​​​​

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