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      CTC 2019 SBZ

      Continental Technical Competition 2019

      Bring your ideas to life and shape the future of mobility! Choose your challenge!


      Are you a student in the technical area and want to challenge your competences and knowledge?


      Register now at Continental Technical Competition and apply your innovative ideas in the latest fields of the automotive industry.

      The competition will take place in Sibiu, from 16th to 19th of April, and apart from the engineering challenges, you will get the chance to participate at various activities and workshops.


      Check the draft agenda here:  Agenda - pdf (152KB)


      You can choose to participate at one or two of the following challenges.


      1.      Cybersecurity

      2.      Connected Electric Vehicles

      3.      Production Flow Optimization


      And for extra prizes you can participate also at the:

       4.      Debate Challenge – Ethical Aspects of Autonomous Driving

      *This is an extra challenge for students registered to at least one of the other challenges.


      Find out  more details about the challenges at the end of the page.


      Registration completed


      For additional questions please send an e-mail at:    


      Accommodation and meals will be ensured by Continental.


      If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail.


      *all replies will be distributed to all participant teams within the challenge