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      Dear colleagues, 

      I am glad and honored to introduce the first edition of the   "Internal Newsletter Continental Romania " with a warm and, at the same time, #distant social greeting. The launch of this magazine is a multiple premiere at a national organizational level and takes place, perhaps not coincidentally, in the year in which the Continental corporation celebrates 150 years of activity. For the first time, we have an internal newspaper, which reports the most important projects, technologies, products, innovations, events, and successes of colleagues from all Continental locations in the country. And the news reaches, due to the various formats and ways of distribution, all Continental employees: directly in the Inbox for employees working in the office, respectively on Kaizala and paper handout for employees working in production. 

      As Head of Country, I can only say that it is great for us to have this interaction opportunity from now on. We learn from each other, we get to know each other better, we strengthen our connections, we go beyond the specifics of the divisions and business areas, we collaborate more intensely and understand our country impact, of all our Continental teams in Romania, in the national and international community and industry. 

      Enjoy the reading, 
      Dr. Christian von Albrichsfeld 
      Head of Country Continental Romania & 
      General Manager Continental Automotive Romania SRL