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      Happy birthday, Continental! The Romanian Heartbeat was shared live in the Anniversary Show!

      150 years of Continental – we celebrate this special anniversary with lots of actions during whole 2021 and in the “Anniversary Show” on October, 8th 2021. In the show, we shared the experiences of thousands of colleagues from all over the world, a richly varied program, and retrospectives of an extraordinary year. Romania was actively part of the virtual show too, being represented live by Roxana Deteșan, Head of Country Communications Romania, who sent a big thank you to all the colleagues in the country who felt the Heartbeat for Mobility on local level: “There are over 20,000 colleagues in Romania, whom I would like to thank – in the name of the entire Communications team – for having participated in the anniversary activities during the entire year. And they were plenty: regular internal communications, using the anniversary materials – internally & externally; the awesome Heartbeat Snapshots kick-off we had end of June on occasion of the International Romanian Blouse day; the thematic kids day; the Marble Adventure; the Raising Heartbeats challenge and the Anniversary Show. We definitely passed the heartbeat on!”  

      And thanks to the many votes and heartbeats collected in the Raising Heartbeat challenge by you, the Romanian employees, and not only, we continue to pass the heartbeat and create impact in our local communities as well. Your sport efforts in the challenge were translated into 30.000 euro, that the Continental corporation decided to donate for sustaining the educational projects of the Romanian NGO Code4Romania. This brings lots of joy for all of us!   
      The anniversary year continues with a special TechTalks event series we ran mid of October on our external channels, a Media Trip with top journalists visiting all our locations in Romania, several external and internal activities.    
      Happy Anniversary, Continental!