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      Continental Automotive Timisoara and Iasi wear the Romanian Blouse with a Continental Heartbeat

      The event “Romanian Blouse with a Continental heartbeat” took place at Continental Automotive Timisoara and Iasi on the 24th of June and was the first kick-off of the global anniversary challenge “Heartbeat Snapshots”. 

      The idea behind this concept was that like the famous paintings of Henri Matisse, who promoted our ie internationally and made the name La Blouse Roumaine known around the world, our pictures will also have the opportunity to travel overseas, to many countries integrated in the animated anniversary photo mosaic. 

      The colleagues were invited to join a special photo session wearing a traditional/ Romanian Blouse (ie), a traditional hat or accessory from the Romanian folk costume. A professional photographer was invited to ensure the best quality for the photos. Participants were encouraged to be creative and expressive. In Timisoara, the event was organized outside, in front of the reception of building A, while in Iasi, the campaign took place inside, at the reception on the building on Poitiers Street. Around 150 colleagues joined the initiative, and many others from the entire country participated later, after the launch of the global app, in the challenge.