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      Continental Sibiu is speaking digitalization @Shopfloor

      We often talk about future, with all changes and steps necessary to be taken to get there. It’s all about #digitaltransformation and creating the proper #digitalmindset for our employees. But what if we make future a present in our location? What do we actually have? Do our employees know about everything? It’s highly important to offer our employees an evolutionary learning environment, based on high technology and fancy equipment, which will help them grow and develop. But it is equally important to make our employees aware of this great working and learning environment. 

      So, because in the end it is everything about #peopleofcontinental, what they do, how they do it and by which means they do it, we stopped a bit and dedicated some time to our Continental Sibiu Shopfloor employees’ #futuredevelopment having as a setup three major initiatives:


      Supporting our Shopfloor employees’ learning by assigning 37 Digital Leaders @Shopfloor

      They sustain and guide our employees by organizing informal sessions in an environment of trust where

      What was all about?

      Create awareness for the most important tools and apps in our Shopfloor by broadcasting “You know that…” audio messagesin our Production and SCM areas.

      These Digital Bites @ Shopfloor were meant to raise the curiosity and appetite for digitalization of our employees.

      Further support and guide our employees in becoming more and more digital.

      The 3-week event of Digital Days @ Shopfloor was of great interest and a success for our colleagues in production and SCM.

      #Industry4.0 #futurelearning@Shopfloor #digitaltransformation@Shopfloor