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      Harvest time: Awards received by Continental Romania in 2021

      The Continental Romania teams were, are and stay motivated to create a positive and inspiring impact both internally and externally. And when our efforts are recognized by the community and top publications of the Romanian business sector, we can be only honored and proud. This is what we feel when receiving an award, such as the ones offered to us this year.

      We started the year with the award "Excellence in Technology Innovation" at The Diplomat -Bucharest Awards Gala, as recognition of the vision of our leadership team and our adaptability in this challenging period, which inspires the business environment in terms of innovation, leadership, agility and adaptability in the coming years. We made ourselves surely noticed as we occupied the first position in the Production category of the Top 100 Employers in Romania by Capital magazine, where our company distinguished itself by the wide range of career opportunities it offers in the automotive market, as well as by the activities and investments made in education (university, pre-university, vocational school) and health, but also in training and educating the employees.

      We’ve been in the spotlight lately at the Gala Forbes 500 Business Awards, where we have been rewarded for our entrepreneur spirit, initiative and performance. November brought four other awards. Timisoara Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture offered the excellence award for institutional competitiveness to Continental Romania, while the excellence award for business results and the first prize for tires production went to Continental Tires Timisoara. Moreover, during the Industry Automotive Award Gala 2021 event of The Diplomat, Continental Romania raised the "Innovation Award" for the intelligent intersections technologies we are developing. Congratulations for these great successes and a big thank you for your contribution!