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      Opera break for the employees and Tech Club for their Children in Continental Sibiu

      Because we are glad to support as many initiatives of the Sibiu community as possible, together with the Sibiu State Philharmonic, we invited our colleagues to an opera break. The recital took place in the ADAS linear driver test building on September 22nd and was performed by 7 soloists and 2 pianists who performed some famous arias from the universal and Romanian opera and operetta repertoire. The recital enjoyed a real success among our colleagues who were physically present in the testing area, but also online, the event being broadcast live in Microsoft Teams. 

      On the other hand, starting with September 1, 2021, we started the Tech Club for Children. The club is dedicated to the children of employees, passionate about technology who want to develop their skills in the fields of electronics and programming. 

      The first session started with 2 classes, one electronics and one programming, each of 15 children aged 8-11. The selected trainers are experienced colleagues who will introduce children to the secrets of electronics and programming. 

      Cristina Ioia and Traian Aanitei will teach the electronics course, and Elena Mesea and Cristian Profir the programming course. They are the ones who have dedicated their time and energy to define an attractive program in which they will combine theoretical elements with many practical applications. 

      The courses will take place once a week, for 16 weeks, between September and December 2021. Much energy to the trainers and much success children! Have a wonderful experience! 


      “The course seems to be easy and fun. I like that we do practical things, I liked a lot when we talked about resistance. I like the teachers and the fact that they answered all my questions. I'm curious about what we are going to learn.” (Stefan - participant) 

      “My son was very excited from the beginning to participate in this course, being curious to see Continental company and eager to learn new things. He is delighted and satisfied with what is presented. He also likes the trainers. He is attracted by the fact that he has the opportunity to practice what is theoretically presented to him. He has already had the opportunity to see some interesting details about electronic components that so far he has seen only as general objects and that attracts him.” (Constantin – parent) 

      “I like to make animations, to learn how to make a character in Scratch. I found out how a computer works, that it has inputs, processing, output. I saw what the components of a computer look like. I like the equipment of the laboratories and the amphitheater that shows "High Tech". I like my colleagues and I have made friends. Last but not least, I like that I have my own “badge” and the juicer and croissants nearby.” (Eduard – participant)