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      Record production registered in March for ContiTech Timisoara

      We all know that 2020 was an atypical year for the whole world from many points of view, and it came with many changes also in Contitech Romania, including the evolution of the volumes produced.

      Our factory in Timisoara was also marked by the sudden reduction of orders, even reaching the cessation of activity for 2 weeks in March 2020. The difficult situation continued especially in the 2nd and 3rd quarters (April - September), but the end of the year brought sudden increases of orders that exceeded our expectations.

      We get mobile, step by step we integrated new colleagues in the production team through the support of experienced colleagues and mentors dedicated to new employees, we put into operation the latest laser machines and CO2 assembly islands, the problems with existing machines were quickly resolved, the supply team provided us with materials and raw materials, and the anti-Covid measures helped not to have many people on sick leave.

      All these actions have helped us a lot to increase the quantities produced, so that in March 2021 we managed to register the highest volume of production and sales, with a record figure of 1.1 million air conditioning lines and 1.7 million  transmission and distribution belts.

      This was made possible by teamwork and the support provided by each colleague in all departments and by the efficient use of available resources.

      We are still involved and ready to respond to the new challenges with enthusiasm and the desire to break a new record.