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      Integration into Working Life

      For over ten years, ContiTech's "Integration into Working Life" model has been addressing young people who have so far been denied access to the working world due to a lack of the necessary qualifications or poor school education.

      During the first year of participation in the project, the young people are integrated into operational teams and work with a mentor at their side. In addition to learning specific technical skills, they also become acquainted with the social structure of day-to-day life at the company and learn to assume responsibility. Work at the company is supplemented by one day at school each week. After one year, the participants have the option to move on to a professional traineeship at Continental.

      A similar project was launched in spring 2010 at the Waltershausen ContiTech location. In this project, we give young people the opportunity to gather experience in a company by completing a long-term internship in various areas, and to subsequently start a training course. Both parties benefit from this: the young people learn about the company and we, as a company, can recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the future trainees.