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      A digital sketch of a car tire

      Smart Tires

      Continental has a long success story with its most important product – tires. However, the world is becoming increasingly complex. And that’s why our tires have long been much more than just a round piece of rubber with a tread. With the advent of digitalization in the world of tires, the development of smart tire systems and complex tire technologies is becoming ever more important at Continental.

      As part of our team – from software engineering to sensor technology and user experience – you will have the opportunity to prove that tire design is no longer just about grip and abrasion. It’s about the future.

      Tires for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

      The future of mobility is electric. Electric vehicles and low-emission hybrid cars are driving the transformation of mobility at a rapid pace. It is therefore time to also address new tire technologies that will enable new cars to move towards an emission-free future. While we haven’t completely reinvented the wheel here, we’ve rethought many aspects of the tire as we know it to achieve optimum performance. At Continental, we respond to changing tire requirements with tire innovations and the latest tire technology for the electric age.

      The Future of Tires Is Multifaceted

      Continental has proclaimed the future of tires. After all, digital technology has long been part of everyday mobility. On the roads and behind the wheel, highly intelligent computers are taking on more and more tasks that make driving easier, increase comfort, and enhance safety. In the future, tires will also be increasingly integrated into the digital framework. Not only will they be able to indicate when they need care, but they will also be able to service themselves on the road. Tomorrow’s tires have smart sensors that autonomously connect with vehicle electrics.

      When Tires Became Smart

      Tomorrow’s tires have intelligent sensors. What is now standard in the rest of the car in the shape of monitoring systems and early-warning signals to prevent damage will soon become the norm for tires as well. Currently, the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warns when the tire pressure needs to be checked. The next generation of tire sensors will not only monitor tire pressure, but will also detect abnormal temperatures, identify minor punctures, predict hazards, and warn car owners or drivers before damage occurs.

      The People behind Our Smart Tires

      In the age of connectivity, data is one of our most valuable raw materials. At Continental, we use these insights to increase the efficiency and safety of mobility. This requires relevant expertise in the fields of digitalization, IT, and software engineering. Can you keep pace?

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