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      CUbE (Continental Urban mobility Experience)

      The 2018 Mobility Study

      Mobility of tomorrow – where will the road take us?

      Since 2011, technology company Continental has periodically conducted mobility studies on different focal topics. On behalf of Continental, market and social research institute infas interviewed logistics experts, forwarding agents, fleet operators, truck drivers and private motorists on future mobility trends.

      The surveys in Germany, the U.S.A., China and Japan provided information on the challenges faced by the logistics sector as a result of digitalization and connectivity. The questions on car ownership preference, enjoyment of driving in every age group and the use of car-sharing services provided interesting insight into the future of personal automobility. Acceptance and openness to technological developments in automated driving and electric mobility were also key topics here.

      The recent 2018 Mobility Study - pdf (0.90MB) considers the requirements for the future of mobility, covering trends and future technologies:

      • The drive systems of the next generation of vehicles
      • Automated driving: road safety and technical support through advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving
      • Digitalization and connectivity: the opportunities for private motorists
      • New mobility services: car-sharing, ride-sharing

      On December 12, 2018, we have published the results of the representative population study on medium-term mobility trends and developments in an international context. 

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