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      A futuristic tiny house stands on a meadow in front of a forest embankment

      Leisure & Lifestyle

      In this area, we develop sustainable lifestyle solutions. As experts for sustainable surface solutions in interior and exterior design, we set new standards. Discover the ContiHome, a house entirely equipped and clad with our elegant and inspiring surface materials. A house developed with our expertise in the construction and furniture industry and, in particular, with our surface know-how. A house that shows all the great opportunities afforded by our wide range of products. Here, functionality, aesthetics, and durability merge into a new form of mobile living, working, and recreational spaces that maximize quality of life where space is limited. 

      Better Swing. Better Game.

      Playing sports is a great way to enjoy leisure time. This was also what Continental had in mind when we recently launched the BAL.ON Smart Kit, a smart golf training tool consisting of a pair of pressure-sensitive golf shoe soles, Bluetooth smart pods, and a smartphone app. The smartphone app measures pressure distribution throughout the golf swing and combines the data with high-resolution video footage, allowing golfers to fine-tune balance, weight shift, and ultimately their entire game.  

      Discover Attractive Career Opportunities in the Field Leisure and Lifestyle

      Whether materials developers, mixers, process developers, chemists, product developers, laboratory technicians, or textile engineers – Continental offers all roles and responsibilities related to the materials development of plastics, rubber, and polymers for its products. In this area, it is important to define tailor-made formulas in tandem with customers and develop them in such a way that they can then be produced to high quality standards. The prerequisites for this highly technical field lie in a broad knowledge of chemistry, process engineering, materials development, textile technology, or similar disciplines, combined with a clear understanding of the processes and challenges of an industrial setting.