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      Career Paths with Continental

      Everyone’s career development is unique, as their ambitions, opportunities, and circumstances can vary greatly. Which career path you choose is entirely up to you. At Continental, we strive to offer all employees a tailor-made career path that meets their wishes and supports the development of their potential in the best possible way. Start your journey with us.

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      Your professional development

      We see ourselves as a supporting sparring partner for our employees and aim to foster their progress over the long term. Instead of stagnating learning curves, we are committed to continuous development. As part of an international company, employees also benefit from a large network that offers countless opportunities. 

      With our personnel development programs, we also provide the decisive push to the next career level. In addition to a structured onboarding process, talent management also identifies and develops personal talents and strengths in a targeted manner. Training and development programs support these measures and prepare employees for larger challenges. The skills acquired can then be tested on an international posting, for example. For employees who continue to strive for more responsibility for personnel and products, the career ladder includes management training and the leadership level.

      Simply swipe through the career levels to discover a potential career model at Continental.

      • Your Start

        Hit the ground running on day one and get to know colleagues, workflows, and career opportunities through our comprehensive Continental Entry Program (CEP) onboarding processes. You will use the C.OnBoard e-learning course, the Continental Entry Conference (CEC), and Employee Dialogue Training, with a number of optional modules building on what has been learned.

      • Your Talent

        Everyone has talents, but they are seldom fully developed. Talent management at Continental is about identifying your skills and competencies and bringing them to bear at the company. This is why goals, expectations, and skills are discussed on a regular basis. Career steps and measures are centered on individual development needs. Our tool makes potential visible throughout the Group, which opens up new career prospects.

      • Your Training

        The development of digital solutions and technical innovations is part of our core business. The key to success in this regard is the continuous accumulation of knowledge, the use of internal social media, meetings for knowledge transfer and sharing, and the fostering of hard and soft skills. You can acquire these skills through our wide range of internal and external training and development programs.

      • Your Experience Abroad

        With several hundred locations in over 50 countries, we spearhead state-of-the-art transportation concepts around the world. This offers you interesting opportunities to work abroad for a specified or indefinite period of time. These assignments not only enrich you professionally and interculturally, but also stimulate your career development.

      • Your Expertise

        Use your skills and wealth of experience to achieve even more with a great deal of responsibility. With targeted training, coaching, and management development programs, we prepare you not only professionally and methodically, but also in a personal sense, for the next specialist level or a leadership career. Let us foster your development.