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      Software Engineering and System Engineering: shaping tomorrow’s mobility today

      Software engineering, software development and its smart implementation is becoming increasingly important and the main driver for innovations. With us you have the opportunity to play a vital role in technological novelties and trends that will shape the future of driving. 

      And ultimately, changing everyone’s lives to the better.

      From highly secure driver assistance systems, artificial intelligence processes, cutting-edge sensor technology, to autonomous machine learning – at Continental your software will always benefit millions of people. Revolutionize the future of mobility. 

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      We believe that everyone has the potential to change the world. Because that’s exactly what our employees do every day. So we provide them with everything they need to make their specific work exciting, impactful and most of all true to their values and lifestyles.

      You’ll be surprised what you can do at Continental – time to find out:

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      Raluca’s career journey: driven by passion, empowered by opportunities

      “Whenever you want a change in your career or you may feel stuck on your path, you can always talk to your leader and together you can find a solution.” Raluca has been a Software Developer and Software Engineer at Continental for 8 years. Since then, she has taken over different roles in coordinating Software Teams and is now working as Release Train Engineer. What Raluca’s loves most about Continental? Watch her story and find out.

      My job is done when clean air becomes a matter of course

      Franziska Niebergall studied electrical engineering and, after completing her diploma thesis, joined Continental as a software engineer in the field of security: “My job makes me feel good! I contribute to the development of safe, environmentally friendly electric drive systems – and that’s why I go home feeling good every day. My work never gets boring! Every new task brings a new and interesting problem to the fore and we have to find a solution to it together as a team. Everyone brings their talents to bear and thus contributes to the overall result! We help each other, learn from each other, and find a good solution together. And, of course, we are delighted to see the result of our joint work in the vehicle.”

      My job is done when our vision is visible on every road

      Holding a doctorate in physics, Senior Systems Engineer Oliver Fochler specializes in theoretical high-energy nuclear physics and numerical simulation. “It’s my job to bring automated driving to the road. Following five years of development work, I can’t wait to finally experience it in everyday traffic on the freeway. There will be a product on the market that will help prevent thousands of road accidents around the world. Continental strives for innovation and makes a major contribution to the transformation of mobility.